Saturday, 14 April 2012

Tying up loose ends!

As promised in my last post, I have a few pics I'd like to share.

Friday was a BUSY day! Take a peek at all our great learning! First up! David Goes to School by David Shannon. I mentioned that I would take a pic of the chart that I created for inferring with this book. Well, here is a sample. Each child had a different pic from the book, and they had to complete the chart independently. The T-chart said
I think... I infer                I know this because (evidence and schema) ....

Here is the rubric I used to assess the students in their inferring abilities.

Check out these adorable David faces! 

My sample
Hallway display
Hallway display. Love the David border!
We have been working on The Local Community, as part of our Social Studies curriculum. The unit is coming to an end so we decided to give students the opportunity to solidify their learning through play at a variety of learning centres. The first activity below is of the students mapping their bedrooms. They were asked to map out, on graph paper, a bird's eye view of their bedroom. Parents were so supportive and assisted their child with this task at home. The students brought in their work and used this to create a model of their bedrooms, using plasticine. Fun! Take a peek at the great work!


Thanks so much to Farm Boy for providing us with the styrofoam trays! 

Here are a few of the other centres that the students participated in. They enjoyed this learning period so much!

Students designed their own community by placing the items provided (roads, vehicles, people, buildings, etc) in appropriate places. 

Town Mouse and Country Mouse

Where in the community? (board game)

Finally, as a fun finale to our unit on fractions, students followed a recipe and created their very own personal pizzas! We provided the students with one whole wheat english muffins, tomato sauce and cheese. Students were invited to bring in additional toppings for themselves if they wanted something extra!

Before we ate our pizzas, we discussed ways that we could slice the pizza in order to feed two, three or four people. It was decided that the pizza would be too small to feed three or four, but you could definitely share it with one other person by cutting it down the centre - in half! Nice!

They were actually quite delicious! I ate 2!
Friday was a super day! Food always makes things a bit more exciting!

On another note, students, parents and teachers from the area were invited to participate in a local radio station contest. They were asked to send in a pic of the class dressed up in Ottawa Senators gear. Well, Mme. Bowler entered the contest with her Grade 4 homeroom students. Here is what their backdrop for the picture looked like!

Now, imagine 20+ students and 2 teachers dressed in Sens gear, faces painted black and red, chanting "Go Sens Go!"

Of course they won!!!! Yay!

FABULOUS! Congrats Grade 4!
Finally, I decided to give a fishtail braid another whirl today. Thanks to Lauren Conrad's youtube tutorial, I was successful! It's so much fun trying new things, and finally being able to do it! Super easy!

Hoping your weekend is fabulous so far! Mine is!

 ~ Amanda

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