Tuesday, 24 April 2012

People In My Town and Energy Investigators

People In My Town
The children have been learning all about our community and community helpers. They have enjoyed many fun activities, including creating a large community mural, participating in several community learning centre activities, as well as numerous visits from community workers. As a finale to our unit, the students presented a song to our Grade 5 reading buddies. I wish I could share pictures of the adorable costumes, moustaches and props, but I must be cautious for safety reasons and therefore will sadly be unable to post pics of individual students. However, I will give you the link to this adorable song, People In My Town. Have a listen and imagine my adorable little munchkins acting out the parts, dressed as the named community workers. Priceless!


Energy Investigators!
The students have been busy learning about Energy! In Ontario, Grade 1 students are expected to understand how energy is used in daily life, as well as describe uses of energy at home, at school, and in the community, and suggest ways that energy can be conserved.

As part of our culminating activities, Mr. Amos, our chief custodian, agreed to take our class on an Energy Tour of the school's boiler room! He shared with us the types of energy the school uses and how the energy is delivered throughout the building. It was exciting! The children made Energy Investigator Headbands prior to the tour, and were equipped with clipboards and paper to take notes!

Before we headed to the boiler room, Mr. Amos reviewed some safety rules with us. Very important!

Mr. Amos is busy here talking all about the boilers.

Energy Investigator hats!

Make-shift clipboards courtesy of Ms. Huot

 Tomorrow the children will experience a portion of the afternoon without power! We will be reading When Charlie McButton Lost Power!

Lots of fun learning will be happening over the next few days! I will keep you posted!

Nighty Night!
~ Amanda

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