Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Today was a great day! I had to fly by the seat of my pants this morning after I got a text from my student teacher that she wouldn't be in today. We have all been sick this week and it was her turn today! Since she has been teaching most of the day, I didn't have anything planned! Thankfully, I have experience and was able to quickly throw something together! It was fun! Here are a few things we did:

We have been working on inferring so I gave all the students a plastic Easter egg with a secret item inside. They were told to take a quick peek to see what it was and then write out three clues that would help their classmates infer what was inside! I started by giving the students an example.

After giving students a chance to check out their items, they quickly started writing out their clues. What a great exercise! They loved it!

I try not to do too much photocopying because its costly, but also because students need to learn spatial sense- they need to learn how to set up a chart, graphic organizer or a simple list.

After we all wrote out our clues, students read out clues to each other and the children had the opportunity to guess the mystery objects! Fun!

We also made cute bunny baskets. Take a peek!

Super cute bunnies!

I gave the students their treat bags today because there were many sick little ones today at school and I wanted to be sure they had their treats from me on Easter! I thought the bags looked so cute! Inside: Easter pencil, eraser, foam bunny, plastic Easter egg with 2 Easter erasers and 2 chocolate eggs inside, bunny lollipop.


This afternoon, we had fun reviewing Math concepts taught by Ms. Huot. Here is a cute pic of our community, Noun Town, and a bird's eye view of urban, suburban and rural communities.

Noun Town

Bird's eye view
That's it for now!

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