Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday Fun!

Well, another week has quickly come to an end! I can't believe we are close to the end of April! The school year is just flying by!

Today my student teacher prepared several Math centres to assist students in solidifying their learning in money. They have been learning about money, more specifically the coin names and their values. In Grade 1, students are required to know coin names and their values, as well as different ways to make change up to 0.20 cents. 

This morning was fun! Here are some of the centres that the students were able to participate in.

Snack Shop - students were given a cup of coins. They used the coins to purchase items from the snack shop. 

They LOVED this!

Super cute Snack Shop!

In action!
I'm so glad I stole this from m own kids' toy collection!

This next centre is where students were required to show different ways of paying for the item in the middle of the tray. For example, if an item cost 0.15 cents, students were required to show as many ways of making 0.15 cents as possible, divided into each section of the tray.

Ms. Huot coaching a student!
How many ways can you show 0.12 cents?
 Coin Sort - an activity that encourages coin recognition, name and value.

Super cute activity where students divide up their chalk board into columns - penny, nickel, dime...
They roll the dice and that indicates the number of pennies they should place in the penny column. As they continue, students are required to cash in their pennies for nickels and when they are able to, cash in their nickels for dimes.... Fun!

Students in action.
The Smart Board is always on! Students here are engaged in an activity where they are supposed to move the coin amount into the centre of the board. Super fun!

 Fill the bank. This is another fun game that the students can play in groups of 2 or 3.

My student teacher has been amazing - the best I have ever had! Seriously! Talk about raising the bar! Her last day is on Thursday, and I am very sad to see her go. The kids have enjoyed her so much and we are all going to miss her. Thursday will be a very sad day for us, but a very exciting day for her - she will be done!

Ms. Huot is wrapping up her study on Energy and Money and I will start teaching full time again on Friday! That is, until another student teacher arrives on Monday. I am very excited to work with another student teacher over the next two weeks, but I am also really looking forward to having my class to myself mid-May! I have missed them! I'm sure you know, but.... I just LOVE teaching and my students! I hope you all love your job as much as I do!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

- Amanda

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