Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New Beginnings!

Hi all! It has been awhile since I have posted. Thought I'd share some pics of my class. This year I'm teaching grades 1&2!!! I have 8 grade 1s and 12 grade 2s! I'm looking forward to a great year! Right now I'm immersing myself in the grade 2 curriculum so I know what I'm doing before the craziness of the teaching life begins! I can't wait!!

So, here are some shots of my room so far. I need to make a few changes, which will hopefully be done tomorrow, while I have my own kiddies with me!

Student desks, information board, calendar, etc....
Behaviour tracking board
This will be where I keep student work. A bin for each duo tang. Labels coming!
This year I decided to do something different for birthdays. I made in advance birthday bags for each child. They will receive it on their birthday! Fun!
I used to give each child a block of plasticine in a little bin with a lid to keep in their desk. They would take it out at various times to strengthen their fine motor skills, make letters or words, and sometimes just to play during a few extra minutes or transition times. Because I am heavy on the grade 2 side this year, I have decided to make it a centre. So this is my plasticine centre. Children choose a block of plasticine from the bin. They can make a letter, a word, or their name. Fun!
This is the front of my class. Word wall, character ed wall, and my No David! posters, all ready to go!.
No David! Peacemaker/Peacebreaker posters for the first week. This will focus on appropriate behaviour in the class and school, and tie into classroom rules.
My agenda board.
Note Totes all ready to go home. Newsletter, Homework folder and agenda included in the large Ziploc bag!
Calendar area will be used independently by students. The lesson will be completed on the SmartBoard and then the Star of the Day will complete the calendar area with a friend.
Library near carpet. Curtains used on shelves to cover things not being used. Centre storage on shelves. To the left - where the magnetic letters are. This is a magnetic letter centre. The children will be encouraged to make the words listed on the chalkboard wall.
Chart stand ready to chart how we go home each day! 
View from my door. Something needed over by the curtain. I'm thinking some hanging lanterns or something. 
Another view from the door. Hanging numbers indicate centres.
Welcome board. Bins of word games need to be moved.
Another desk space area with computer. This may need to be moved so my computer is closer to my SmartBoard. Again, another area that needs some spunkiness added!
My desk space - some decorative stuff is needed here. SmartBoard too!
My door! Welcome!
Hallway hooks and bins for belongings!
That's it, that's all for now. Good luck to all my teacher friends! This will be a great year! Feel free to use what I post and share your ideas too!

- Amanda