Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Flat Stanley, my classroom and more!

We all know and love the Flat Stanley series, right? Well, I decided to read the book aloud to my students right before March Break. It was a hit, for sure. I found some adorable activities online, and even thought of a few myself! First things first, we all made our very own flat person - a flattened version of ourselves. I took pics of all my students (as well as all the teachers in the class too). We glued our faces onto a sweet little paper doll. Here is mine!

Flat Mrs. Campbell
We then made cute little sleeping bags for our flat people. It said "A quiet place for me to rest while I am not on an adventure!" (Sorry no pic) I was a little worried that they might get ruined on the route home, so I laminated each of the students' flat people and sent them home in large brown envelopes. Success!

Students were asked to take their flat person on at least one adventure over their March Break. Their assignment was to fill out an information sheet and attach a picture to share with the class. Their projects came back completed, and they are adorable!

I was going to create a cute bulletin board with them (as you can see below), but I decided they were so cute I had to create a book instead to share with our grade 1 families. The book is currently circulating the homes in our class. All of our class books are treasures, but this one is for sure the cutest. Here's the board I prepared, but never used. Check out my free hand drawing and paint job of good ole' Flat Stanley. Fun!

Last week I started planning a mini-unit on inferring, using the NO David! series by David McPhail. I decided to introduce the students to inferring by letting them see what was in my bag! Whoa! The kids were super excited to find out what treasures I had hidden in it! I told them that we would be using our schema (the stuff in our brain we already know), and evidence (the items in my bag) to infer (make a guess/tell what it means about Mrs. Campbell). Here's what they came up with!

Their responses were absolutely priceless, and best of all - they got it! They were pretty accurate. I can't wait to start some fun inferring and point of view exercises using No David! I'll share and post pics later.

Well, another day is over and I am exhausted! Time for bed! Nighty night and thanks for reading. I would love to hear your comments!


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