Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ready, Set, Go!

We are on day 7 and getting busy working!! Pics are below... Check it out!

We are spending the first month reviewing the basics. The students created personal dictionaries. I copied the alphabet and had them cut out each of the letters and paste them in to a blank notebook. They will use this to write their words of the week, as well as words that we brainstorm each day for the letter of the day. The kids did a fantastic job!

During the first few days we read the story, Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon. After reading the students determined (without my prompting) what the author's message could have been. One of the big ones was that we should be proud of who we are. So, we created these cute sunflowers. On each petal, the children wrote words describing themselves such as beautiful, caring, thoughtful, etc... It was great to see them really think about what they like about themselves. What a confidence booster!

On the second day of school, I went around and asked all the kids to tell me about something they like or like to do. I typed up their answers in sentence form. I cut up the sentences and then gave each student someone else's sentence. That person was responsible for arranging the sentence in order, as well as drawing a picture of their friend doing what their sentence said. We made a class book called "Things We Like". The children love it!

To go along with this, I decided to have a Special Person of the Day each day. We brainstormed a list of interview questions that we could ask him/her. After the interview, the students went back to their desk and drew a picture and wrote a sentence of the Special Person based on what they learned from the interview. I wrote jot notes during the interview for the students to refer to. They did a fantastic job. We made a class book about our Special Person today and he was able to take it home to read and share with his family. 

In Social Studies we are learning and review what a family is. We created a class family tree, which turned out beautifully! Thanks to my student teacher, Mr. Lockett for the awesome display! Perfect for Meet the Teacher night, which is tomorrow night!
My family!
Last week we read a lot of stories and took part in many activities that related to appropriate behaviour in school. Here is a centre that I created. The children put the monsters under the correct heading: Good Behaviour or Poor Behaviour!

Another centre that the children can visit and put the poems in the correct order.

Listening Centre
Math Centre - students can explore in any way. 
That's it, that's all... More to come.


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