Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Living Things and Mothers!

Living Things
We have now begun our study of living things! We are growing butterflies in our class which is very exciting! The children are thrilled! Take a peek at the larvae.

 Soon the chrysalis' will form and our beautiful butterflies will emerge! The students created each stage of the life cycle and learned that the butterfly cycle is called "complete metamorphosis"! They are enjoying watching the changes each day. Take a look at our class bulletin board!

Life Cycle of a Butterfly bulletin board
 The students also completed their flip book with pictures of each stage and a description of the stages under the flip! Fun!

Student flip book
The Lorax
We recently read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. We had a great deal of discussion surrounding the main idea and author's message. After our discussion, we created truffula idea trees! The students were given a leaf. They wrote their idea on their leaf, and based their writing on:

- what they love about nature;

- how to solve the Lorax problems;


- how to keep our environment clean and safe. They came up with some great ideas. Here is our display.

Whenever the students think of something new, they grab a leaf and we add it to the trees. 

Lorax 'stash! LOL!
Mother's Day
Mother's Day is quickly approaching. Today we made some sweet cards. We brainstormed words that describe our Mom, and then got to work. Take a peek.

We are working on gifts for Mom. I shared some pictures of artwork by Barbara Reid. We looked at various books where plasticine is used to create scenes. The students took those ideas and created their own plasticine picture inside of CD case, for Mom. They turned out great!

The gifts are wrapped and ready to go!

Happy (early) Mother's Day!

~ Amanda

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